CoCo La Rue ULIMATE Pageant Hair

Pageant hair is one of those things that can make or break your image. You placed First runner-up in your last pageant and feel that you couldn’t have done any better. You finally get your judges’ comments and see “pageant hair fell in her face.” Aw, man! That one stray strand fell in your face and your pageant hair cost you the title. We don’t want you to ever go through that again so we’ve created the ultimate guide to pageant hair. Use the guide to learn how to style your pageant hair to perfection and win the crown!
Get the answers to all your pageant hair questions by clicking on the pageant hair question for you.
When styling pageant hair, it needs to compliment your lovely face and make you feel as powerful as long pageant hair seems to. The best thing about short hair in a pageant is wardrobe changes won’t have to include the extra time in styling your hair!
In order to ensure pageant hair success, you may want to reach out to the participating pageants sponsored hair stylist for tips. Take your evening gown and all of your wardrobe considerations to them or to your personal professional hair stylist.
You can choose to rock straight pageant hair or go with a curled style.

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